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Welcome to the #AOM2019 Career Services Center. As an employer, your organization will have access to thousands of job seekers and passive candidates attending the AOM Career Services Center, as well as a marketing reach to AOM’s 20,000+ global members. The AOM Career Services Center provides exclusive interview space and networking opportunities during the conference, plus the opportunity to interact with qualified job seekrs from across the globe to fill your team.

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Boston Marriot Copley

9-13 August 2019

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August 9th - 13th, 2019

American University is a private institution within easy reach of the many centers of government, business, research, and the arts located within the nation’s capital. For more information about American University, see The Kogod School of Business offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business. For further information, visit: American University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution that operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The university does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy), age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, personal appearance, gender identity and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, source of income, veteran status, an individual’s genetic information or any other bases under federal or local laws (collectively “Protected Bases”) in its programs and activities. American University is a tobacco and smoke free campus.

Angelo State University is a dynamic learning community located in the heart of West Texas. Ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the nation’s “Best Colleges” every year since 2010, ASU offers over 100 majors and concentrations through our six colleges.

Appalachian State University, in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, prepares students to lead purposeful lives as global citizens who understand and engage their responsibilities in creating a sustainable future for all. The transformational Appalachian experience promotes a spirit of inclusion that brings people together in inspiring ways to acquire and create knowledge, to grow holistically, to act with passion and determination, and embrace diversity and difference. As one of 17 campuses in the University of North Carolina system, Appalachian enrolls about 19,000 students, has a low student- to-faculty ratio and offers more than 150 undergraduate and graduate majors. Appalachian State University is committed to developing and allocating resources to the fundamental task of creating a diverse campus culture. We value diversity as the expression of human similarities and differences, as well as the importance of a living and learning environment conducive to knowledge, respect, acceptance, understanding and global awareness. The Department of Management is the largest department within the Walker College of Business, an AACSB-accredited business school with the largest enrollment in the UNC system (approximately 3,000 students). The college was included in Princeton Review's 2019 edition of Best Business Schools. The Department of Management offers undergraduate degree programs with majors in Management and Hospitality & Tourism Management; minors in Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and Sustainable Business; and a Masters program in Industrial- Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management. The Management Department has an interdisciplinary and diverse faculty who prepare leaders to address the complex global challenges of our time with empathy, vision, integrity, innovativeness, and perseverance. We are guided by a belief in sustainability and multi-stakeholder value creation. We are seeking faculty who are enthusiastic, engaged, and innovative, with an orientation towards breaking down functional silos, boundary-spanning, and developing novel solutions to connect our students to a rapidly changing business environment.

Beijing Normal University, a key university under the administration of the Ministry of Education, is a renowned institution of higher education known for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the sciences. The university’s predecessor, the Normal College of the Imperial University of Peking, was founded in 1902. In 1908, the school name was changed to Advanced Normal College of the Imperial University and the school became independent. In 1912, the name changed again, to Beijing Advanced Normal School, and then, in 1923, the name changed yet again to Beijing Normal University, the first Normal University in Chinese history. In 1931 and 1952, respectively, Peking Women’s Normal University and Fu Jen Catholic University merged to create Beijing Normal University. For over a century, Beijing Normal University has from the beginning shared a fate as regards the Chinese people’s struggle to gain independence, freedom, democracy and prosperity, and the university has played a significant role in patriotic movements that have included the May 4th Movement (1919) and the December 9th Movement (1935). Over the years, the school has been home to a large group of renowned intellectuals and scholars, who have promoted culture and stimulated education, to name a few: Li Dazhao, Lu Xun, Liang Qichao, Qian Xuantong, Wu Chengshi, Li Jinxi, Chen Yuan, Fan Wenlan, Hou Wailu, Bai Shouyi, Zhong Jingwen, Qi Gong, Hu Xiansu, Wang Kunren and Zhou Tingru. Adhering to a fine tradition of “Patriotism, Progress, Honesty, Sincerity, Truth-Seeking, Innovation and being a paragon of virtue and learning” while embodying the spirit of “Learn, so as to instruct others and Act, to serve as example to all,” for over a hundred years Beijing Normal University has lived by the philosophy of “Pursuing knowledge, Cultivating personality, and Helping the whole world.” Among the national key universities built during the time of China’s Seventh and Eighth Five-Year Plans, Beijing Normal University is acknowledged as one of the nation’s first ten key universities. The school entered into the first “211 Project” Construction Program during the time of the Ninth Five-Year Plan. On the occasion of the 2002 Centennial Celebration, the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality said they attached great importance to collaboration in the development of Beijing Normal University. The Ninth Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing listed Beijing Normal University as among the institutions it was supporting to become world-class universities. Over the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the university was listed on the nation’s “985 Project” Construction program. The main campus (North Taipingzhuang Campus) of Beijing Normal University covers 172.64 acres that serve as an important place for the university to carry out educational activities. The school has 22,000 full-time students, including 8,900 undergraduates, 11,300 graduates and 1,800 long-term international students. The campus has 1 education faculty, 22 schools and colleges, 2 departments and 36 research institutes (centers). The library boasts over 4.1 million volumes and some 17,300 GB of digital resources, with 1,400 GB e-books. The comprehensive disciplinary strength of Beijing Normal University puts the school at the forefront of the nation’s advanced teaching institutions. In 2002, BNU was one of the top six universities with independent examination and approval authority for undergraduate majors. The university offers 58 different undergraduate majors, 166 Master’s degree programs, 111 Doctoral degree programs, 25 different rotating post-doctoral posts, and 24 and 36 Doctoral and Master’s degree programs for first-level disciplines. At present, there are 5 first-level disciplines, 11 second-level disciplines accorded national key discipline status, and 2 second-level disciplines accorded national key (fostering) discipline status. Moreover, there are 5 first-level disciplines accorded key discipline status by Beijing Municipality, 9 second-level key disciplines of Beijing Municipality, and 1 interdisciplinary program accorded key discipline status by Beijing Municipality. These programs cover 12 disciplinary categories, excluding military science, and comprise a comprehensive discipline structure. According to the 2012 assessment results (the 3rd time) for first-level disciplines issued by the Academic Degree Center of the Ministry of Education, the 5 first-level disciplines – namely, Education, Psychology, Chinese History, Geography and Ecology – ranked first. The 3 first-level disciplines, namely, Chinese Language and Literature, Theatre, Film and Television and System Science – ranked second. There are 10 first-level disciplines in the top 5; 17 in the top 10; and 24 in the top 20 in China. As per the 2012 World University Rankings released by QS, BNU ranks 252, up by 48 from 2011and it is number 8 among universities on mainland China. Beijing Normal University has a reasonably structured high-quality faculty team. At present, there are 3,100 teachers and staff on the main campus of whom 2,000 are full-time instructors. The number of BNU teachers with senior titles, doctoral degrees and/or overseas learning/working experience puts the school at the forefront among Chinese universities. There are 8 academicians from the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering, 12 academicians employed simultaneously by the two academies, 2 emeritus professors, 5 senior professors, 19 Cheung Kong scholar chair professors, 3 chair professors, 34 chief experts for the Marxism Theoretical Research and Development Project, 32 winners of the China National Foundation awards for distinguished young scientists, 20 candidates for the Outstanding Talents Projects, 1 member of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council (ADCSC), 16 members of the Discipline Appraisal Team from the ADCSC, 154 winners of Inter-millennium and New Century Talents awards supported by the Ministry of Education, 7 winners of the National Famous Teachers awards, 4 National Innovation Research Groups and 3 Subject Innovation and Talent Introduction groups for higher education institutions launched by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, P.R. China. The 12th Party Congress of Beijing Normal University set out the development objective to build BNU into a world-class university by the middle of the century. BNU vows to – during the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of China – adhere to the work principle of “human-oriented reform and innovation, optimizing structure, giving prominence to special features and enhancing quality,” holding fast to a strategy of enhancing education quality and following a development philosophy that emphasizes connotation, innovation and specializing and that is open to building the school into a world renowned university, and with a series of key projects that includes: Developing BNU by Ensuring a Quality Project and Strengthening BNU with a Talents Project, a Discipline Development Project, an Internationalization Project, an Institutional Innovation Project, a Condition Insurance Project and a CPC Construction Innovation Project. About Beijing Normal University Business School (BNUBS) The Business School at Beijing Normal University is a relatively young but fast-developing school. Established in 1979, the School has achieved over three decades of sustained growth and evolution in tandem with the unprecedented economic growth of China. The school aims to strengthen and solidify its practice as a leading institution for talent training and scientific research within China’s economics and business management disciplines, following the school's motto of “Promoting Business and Humanism to Serve the Nation and the World.” Students enrolled in the School must meet exceptionally stringent entrance requirements that match the level of excellence demanded of them by the School and by the University. The School has 1833 current students, with 1051 undergraduate students, 251 graduate students, 531 MBA students and 160 international students. The School offers a wide range of learning opportunities, providing students with the knowledge and analytical tools to enable them to integrate successfully in all economic and business sectors, and to pursue academic research in related areas. The School consists of seven departments and six research institutes, spanning a full spectrum of economics and management disciplines. Additionally, students are always welcomed to enroll in courses across the university if they want to pursue studies in other fields. Students in BNU Business School also have a choice of established exchange programs with our partner universities worldwide to enrich their study experience and expand their horizons in the fast-paced international business environment. Graduates of the School are expected to develop an innovative, creative and global orientation, the ability to analyze complex problems in practice, and the capability to implement their decisions under complicated, often uncertain conditions. There are 83 full-time faculty members in the school with more than 20 honorary and visiting professors. Our faculty and staff members are always engaged in helping our students to better equip themselves with knowledge and thinking skills to meet the challenges of the real world. Meanwhile, our faculty is also actively committed to quality research. Their works are regularly published in leading international journals, and their opinions are influential in China's national policy discourse. We are an EQUIS accredited school, and is now under the process of AACSB accreditation. Students and faculty in BNUBS are working enthusiastically and confidently to meet the challenge and accomplish the goal of becoming a top-tier educational institution worldwide.

Management Programs at Bucknell Bucknell’s AACSB-accredited Freeman College of Management serves over 600 students and offers innovative professional education in the context of one of the nation's leading liberal arts universities. The College is committed to diversity, inclusion, and student-centered pedagogy. The College currently offers majors in Markets, Innovation and Design; Managing for Sustainability; Global Management; Finance; Business Analytics; and Accounting. In addition, the Freeman College offers a Bachelor of Management for Engineers degree and an assortment of management electives to students across the University. In doing so we aim to address a pressing societal need for well-educated college graduates who understand the basic structures, operating mechanisms, and management principles governing organizations. For a more detailed description of the Freeman College and additional information pertaining to our curriculum, please visit About Bucknell University Bucknell University, an Equal Opportunity Employer, believes that students learn best in a diverse, inclusive community and is therefore committed to academic excellence through diversity in its faculty, staff, and students. We seek candidates who are committed to Bucknell’s efforts to create a climate that fosters the growth and development of a diverse student body, and we encourage applications from members of groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education. Bucknell University is a private, highly ranked, national liberal arts institution that also offers strong professional programs in engineering, business, education, and music. Located in Central Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River, Bucknell is nestled in the Borough of Lewisburg, an architectural gem that has been ranked as one of America’s best small towns. The Lewisburg area offers a unique combination of outdoor recreation opportunities, and appealing amenities such as art galleries, an art deco theater, historic museums, and charming independent boutiques and restaurants. In addition to the many cultural and athletic events offered by the University and the Borough, the surrounding region offers outstanding schools, medical facilities, and an affordable cost of living. For those who crave the city, Bucknell is within an easy three-hour drive to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

CSU has a highly regarded reputation as being a selected member of “Double First-rate” university, and it is striving to become a world-class university and global center of learning. For more information, please refer to ( The Business school is one of the fastest growing schools in Central South University. The school has a first-level National Key Discipline “Management Science and Engineering”, and two post-doctoral research stations in disciplines of “Management Science & Engineering” and “Business Administration”. Besides, the school provides a vibrant research and collegial environment, with excellent research facilities and support.

California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA) is the premier comprehensive public university in the heart of Los Angeles. Cal State LA is ranked number one in the United States for the upward mobility of its students. The University is dedicated to engagement, service, and the public good, offering nationally recognized programs in science, the arts, business, criminal justice, engineering, nursing, education, and the humanities. Founded in 1947, Cal State LA serves more than 28,000 students and more than 240,000 distinguished alumni. A majority of the University’s alumni live in the Los Angeles region, enriching their communities and contributing to the vitality of the local economy. Cal State LA is focused on developing a new bioscience entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley regions through partnerships with local business. To provide increased educational opportunities, Cal State LA recently opened a campus in downtown Los Angeles that offers graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as professional development and certificate programs. The university is home to the critically acclaimed Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs, Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center, Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility, Billie Jean King Sports Complex and the TV, Film and Media Center. The College of Business and Economics is an AACSB-accredited school with over 4,000 business majors across various undergraduate and graduate programs. Our undergraduate and graduate programs benefit from interdisciplinary approaches and strong ties in the communities we serve. We strive for quality, diversity, and compassion in all we do and offer a dynamic environment with room for creativity, innovation, and change. The Department of Management faculty come from varied academic and professional backgrounds, maintain their Scholarly Academic (SA) status by AACSB standards, and are flexible in their teaching preferences across management domains. Many of our faculty members chart their own paths in specialized business teaching and research, and we produce and appreciate a wide spectrum of scholarship.

CityU’s College of Business was the first business school in the Asia-Pacific region to obtain double accreditations by AACSB and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). With about 30 research and teaching staff, the Department of Information Systems is one of the largest among such departments in the world. Our research productivity has been ranked highly. The University is currently ranked No. 4 in the UT Dallas List’s of top 3 IS journals (2015-2018), No. 1 both in AIS Senior Scholars’ Basket of 8 journals (2015-2017) and KURBS Worldwide Business Research Ranking (2015-2018).

The Department of International Economics, Government and Business (EGB), at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) brings together the study of states, markets, and international firms in the context of the challenges faced by emerging and advanced economies. EGB’s research is based in international business, economics, and politics, and is of direct relevance to individuals, business, policy-makers, and scholars.

Copenhagen Business School has the status of an independent university and has more than 20,000 students and app. 450 full-time professors (assistant/associate/full). CBS is thus one of the largest business schools in Northern Europe, covering a wide range of business-related academic fields. The Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI) is one of 11 departments within Copenhagen Business School. The department has about 45 tenured faculty members, currently including 19 full-time professors, 15 associate professors, 9 assistant professors, in addition to 6 postdocs and 14 PhD students. The department’s research is focused on strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship and international business. The department’s research is generally cross-disciplinary with a strong element of quantitative methods. Faculty members have published in top academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Management Science, Journal of International Business Studies, among others

California State University, Long Beach College of Businesse Department of Management

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) Founded: In 1949 Locations: Three campuses in two cities (Dalian and Panjin). It covers a total area of 4,262 million square meters with a construction area of 1,68 million square meters. Enrolment: Over 41,065 full-time students, including over 4,851 Ph. D. students, 10,361 Master students, 25,853 undergraduates and more than 700 international students. Faculty: Over 4,002 faculty members, including about 2,511 full-time teachers, 834 Ph.D. supervisors, and 805professors Brief: Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of P. R. China, has achieved a highly recognized reputation as one of the key institutions of higher education supported by the “985 Project” and the “211 Project”. Currently, 9 disciplines of DUT are selected into the top 1% in ESI international disciplines ranking, of which engineering, chemistry and materials science entered world top 1 ‰; 12 disciplines are selected into Top 500 in QS world discipline ranking, the number of disciplines ranking the 18th in all universities in China; 16 disciplines are selected into the Times Higher Education world discipline ranking, the number of disciplines ranking the 11th in all universities in China. About Dalian Dalian, the second largest city in Liaoning province, is at the southern tip of Liaoning Peninsula. It is located west of Yellow Sea and east of Bohai Sea. Dalian is one of the five cities specially designated in the state plan and one of the fifteen cities of sub-provincial administrative status in China, as well as one of the fourteen open coastal cities in China. As a window for northeast China to open to the world, Dalian is also the shipping, logistics and regional financial centre of Northeast Asia. More information about Dalian can be found at

About EGADE Business School at Tecnologico de Monterrey EGADE Business School is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA and was awarded Five Palmes by Eduniversal Global Rankings and Ratings Agency. EGADE Business School has been consistently ranked among the top 3 in Latin America by AmericaEconomia and is currently ranked as the #1 Business School in Latin America by the QS Global MBA Ranking. The School offers graduate academic programs (Masters and PhD) and executive education in Mexico at three sites: Monterrey, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Tecnologico de Monterrey is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of the United States and is ranked in the top ten universities in Latin America by the QS University Rankings. For more information about EGADE Business School, please visit:

Hong Kong Baptist University has long been one of Asia’s pathfinders in whole–person business education. HKBU School of Business is among just 1% of business schools worldwide with triple accreditation from AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), AMBA (Association of MBAs) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). Our mission is to nurture visionary and ethical business leaders capable of meeting new challenges in a rapidly changing global economy. The School consists of five departments, currently staffed by 121 full-time faculty members. Our distinctive programmes - BBA (Hons), BCom (Hons), MBA, MSc, DBA, MPhil and PhD - are intellectually rigorous and have contemporary and professional relevance. Fostering a vibrant research environment, our faculty members engage actively in academic as well as applied research with corporate advisory or public policy impact. Information about the School can be obtained at

The Department of Management at HKUST aims to continue as a leading intellectual center for management research and education. The university provides a supportive research and teaching environment with attractive research funding, strong teaching support staff and leading-edge facilities. The Department has a group of productive faculty members with great enthusiasm in conducting high quality research, which is regularly published in premier management journals. Please browse our department website ( for information about the faculty, our teaching, current research programs, and our research centers.

IU East At A Glance Indiana University East, a regional campus of Indiana University, offers residents of eastern Indiana, western Ohio and beyond a broad range of bachelor's degrees, selected master's degrees, and certificates through its traditional main campus in Richmond, off-campus sites, and online program options. Indiana University East challenges students to grow intellectually and personally in a supportive and scholarly environment where faculty teaching skills and participation in the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and artistic work enhance learning opportunities for all. Indiana University East values a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and intellectual perspectives among its faculty, staff, and students. The campus is dedicated to being a strong partner in enhancing the educational, cultural, and economic development of the region it serves through community and civic engagement. Learn more about IU East.

Korea University Graduate School of Management of Technology, Seoul, South Korea

HR office/Secretary of Organizational Management Department, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) is a state-supported, comprehensive university offering programs leading to the bachelors degree and to selective masters degrees. The University has a statewide mission in international education granted to MSSU by special legislation. The University’s primary goal is to offer educational programs that foster the total education of each student. Central to that mission is the strong commitment to international education, to the liberal arts, to professional and pre-professional programs, and to the complementary relationship that must exist between liberal and professional education in order to prepare individuals for success in careers and lifelong learning. The faculty and staff of Missouri Southern State University emphasize quality teaching and learning as the most important attributes of the institution, complemented by scholarly and creative expression and dedicated community service.

Roger Williams University, located on the coast of Bristol, RI, is a forward-thinking private university with 45 undergraduate majors and more than a dozen graduate programs spanning the liberal arts and the professions, where students become community-minded citizens through project-based, experiential learning. With small classes, direct access to faculty and boundless opportunities for real-world projects, RWU students develop the ability to think critically while simultaneously building the practical skills that today’s employers demand. In addition to its 4,000 undergraduates and 300 graduate students, RWU is home to a thriving University College based in Providence as well as Rhode Island’s only law school. Roger Williams University is committed to creating and supporting an intellectual community devoted to teaching and learning and providing the opportunity for personal and intellectual growth for students, faculty and staff. The University credits much of its growth and success to the hard work and dedication of its employees.

Social Entrepreneurship: The Business of Changing the World Join the first AACSB-accredited Social Entrepreneurship program in the world. The Department of Social Entrepreneurship offers a major and minor combining best practices from business skill sets; entrepreneurial thinking and action; cutting-edge problem-solving methodologies; and understanding of current economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues. The program positions undergraduate students to find—or create—careers that apply innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We are global leaders in social entrepreneurship education.

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Sasin School of Management was founded 36 years ago in a partnership between Wharton, Kellogg and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s premier university. Sasin’s programs—all taught in English, all at graduate or executive level—are AACSB and EQUIS accredited. We were the first school in Thailand to have either accreditation and continue to be one of only five Southeast Asia-based schools with both accreditations. The school is ranked #1 in Thailand and has one of Asia’s top 3—and one of the world’s top 50—full-time MBA programs (according to THE/WSJ). Sasin’s pre-eminent position in the country ensures excellent business and public sector relationships, with access at the highest levels and a research-supportive environment. The school focuses on Sustainability through Entrepreneurial Mindset with applications of Action Learning Labs throughout our programs. We have a strong interest in scholarly research with a practical, real-world orientation, preferably in Asian or southeast Asian contexts. Sasin offers a pleasant working environment in one of Asia’s most visited—and most livable—cities. When adjusted for cost of living, we can offer highly competitive compensation packages. If required, we can provide convenient hotel accommodation on Chulalongkorn’s central (but quiet) campus. Sasin has a small full-time faculty (about 20-30 members) but each year also hosts about the same number of visiting scholars from some of the world’s leading business schools. This offers the possibility of interactions, research and teaching collaborations, with a dynamic, diverse set of colleagues, all in the personal context of a small faculty. Our use of visiting faculty provides flexibility in full-time faculty teaching assignments (and teaching loads), allowing us to recruit for excellence across the board. We are interested in applicants in Accounting, Data Analytics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy. Sasin teaches in 4-week modules with a normal teaching load of 4-courses annually, usually taught over just two modules. Junior and research-oriented recruits will normally be eligible for half teaching load for their first 2-years of employment.

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), a comprehensive institution with 25,000 students, including 9,000 graduate students, is located at Chengdu, China, a city famous for its history, culture, landscapes and panda. The School of Management and Economics (SME) of UESTC invites outstanding candidates to fill our full-time positions at all levels (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor). Successful candidates should have a Ph. D by the end of 2019 and evidence of promising research in the following fields: Accounting, Strategies, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, E-Commerce, Information Management, Marketing, Organization, Big Data, Data Mining, etc. Compensation package is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Benefits, such as research support, will also be provided. We will set up interviews for short listed candidates on 9-13 August 2019 during the 2019 Annual Meeting. Please visit and for more information. The university and school will provide competitive package for successful candidates. Please send Vita, Job Market paper, and 3 reference letters to our contact email ( or call +86 28 61830905/+86 13688004404. The applicants applying for Thousand Talents Program and Chang Jiang Scholars Program are very encouraged to contact us immediately.

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is one of the top universities in China. It is ranked as A+ in discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education and also listed among top universities by QS World University Rankings. School of Business and Management cherishes its original ideals to build a business school that is first-class domestically and renowned internationally. By training outstanding talents with “Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence", it makes due contribution to the development of global enterprises and the advancement of global economy. We want young talents having earned Ph.D. degree from overseas universities, or from mainland universities under the supervision of famous scholars, involving information management, business management, economics & finance, and interdisciplinary study of cognitive neuroscience and economics/management. We offer an attractive environment featuring excellent teaching and research facilities, young and aspiring colleagues, sufficient developmental space, relatively lower working pressure than tenure track, relaxing and supportive working condition, competitive remuneration package as well as other welfares. Please send detailed resume, two representative papers, doctoral dissertation, and other supporting materials to Email? Our telephone is 86-21-35372940. Our website is

The College of Business at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is among the top management schools in China. The Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior faculty support three undergraduate option areas and several robust postgraduate and PhD programs within the College, including the MBA and EMBA programs geared toward working professionals. Through internal and external collaboration, our faculty members have published in leading international journals in management such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, and Organization Science.

The School of Business values academic research and collaboration with external research universities. Specifically, it has already developed joint training programs with many overseas universities such as University of Victoria, Laurentian University, Furtwangen University, SKEMA, Canberra University, Deakin University, and Taiwan Soochow University. Meanwhile, the School boasts strong academic research capabilities. Since its foundation, it has hosted multiple national and international academic conferences. In the past few years, the School of Business has undertaken more than 300 projects sponsored by the national, provincial, and municipal governments, has issued more than 250 books, has published more than 1,200 academic papers, and has acquired more than 180 academic awards. With a motto of "cultivating liberty and wisdom to empower the world, studying business education and strategy to enrich our country", the School of Business of Soochow University establishes its vision to be one of the first-tier Business Schools in China with a well-known international reputation. With a goal to satisfy economic development and to contribute to the regional economic development, the School has implemented multi-level and multi-channel training programs and had nurtured a large amount of business administration talents who have successfully made magnificent contributions to the development of national economy, especially to the economic and social development of Jiangsu Province. In return, the School of Business has accumulated an outstanding social reputation.

University Facts: Southeast Missouri State University is a comprehensive regional state university with seven colleges and schools, approximately 11,000 students, and a faculty and staff of over 1,100. Southeast, a moderately selective institution, offers baccalaureate, masters and specialist degrees, and participates in joint doctoral programs with the University of Missouri. Cape Girardeau, a historic city overlooking the Mississippi River, is the hub of a thriving county with a population of approximately 78,000. Serving a region of more than 500,000 people, it is the largest center for retail, medical, manufacturing, communications, and cultural activities between St. Louis and Memphis. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) is located in a historical but affordable city of Chengdu, China. It is one of the best universities and the largest one specializing in finance, economics, accounting and management in China directly under the Ministry of Education of China, with more than 22,000 full-time students. SWUFE offers various graduate and undergraduate programs covering, but not limited to, finance, accounting, economics and management, which is the only research university in Western China to focus on business studies under Project 211. In 2017, SWUFE was included into the list of China’s “Double First-Class” University Project. With rapid growth in the past 90 years, SWUFE has been a leading university in business education in its region, and is becoming an important research oriented university in China. For more information about the university, please visit:

Towson University (TU) (, recognized by U.S. News and World Reports as one of the top public universities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, is Baltimore’s largest university, and the largest public comprehensive institution in the University of Maryland System. Founded in 1866, TU is centrally located on 330 rolling green acres, 10 miles north of Baltimore, 45 miles north of Washington, D.C., and 95 miles southwest of Philadelphia. The university enrolls over 18,000 undergraduates and nearly 4,000 graduate students across six academic colleges (business, education, fine arts, health professions, liberal arts, science & mathematics), including a satellite campus in northeast Maryland, and employs over 865 full-time faculty offering more than 65 Bachelor’s, 45 Master’s, and 5 doctoral programs. The College of Business and Economics is AACSB-accredited and enrolls over 3,000 students. The campus and its surrounding community provide an excellent environment for teaching and supporting the academic pursuits of faculty who work at Towson University.

Originally under the name “Tsinghua Xuetang”, Tsinghua University was founded in 1911 and is one of the most prestigious universities in China. Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM) was established in 1984, with Premier Zhu Rongji as the founding dean. After 35 years of development, Tsinghua SEM has achieved remarkable results in talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage innovation and international exchanges and cooperation. It has taken the lead in obtaining the top two certifications of global management education AACSB and EQUIS and becomes a leading economic management school in China.

The United States Air Force Academy, located just north of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an undergraduate institution which awards a Bachelor of Science degree as part of its mission to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation. Essential qualities expected of every faculty member include the personal attributes of integrity, cooperation, initiative, and breadth of intellectual interests. Additional information about the school and the Department of Management (Business School) are available from the website, (


The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is one of five campuses and operating subdivisions of the University of Massachusetts. It is located in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts in the beautiful South Coast region of the state. UMass Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a vibrant, public research university dedicated to engaged learning and innovative research resulting in personal and lifelong student success. The University serves as an intellectual catalyst for economic, social, and cultural transformation on a global, national, and regional scale.

The Miami Business School is the leading private business school in the southeast United States, graduating around 400 postgraduates and 550 undergraduates in business each year. Miami is the eighth largest metropolitan area in the USA, known for its unique style and cultural diversity, and as the gateway to Latin America.

Management Department at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business is a collegial and vibrant school, accredited by AACSB, and has approximately 4000 undergraduates studying across 18 majors, 3 of which are nationally ranked in the top 10. There are also approximately 250 master’s level students in our MBA and MSA programs. Faculty make a concerted effort to offer experiential learning opportunities to their students, building relationships that lead to successful student development and career launch. Faculty across our 6 departments work together through a wide variety of cross-disciplinary and discipline-specific research. There are also 3 Centers of Excellence (i.e.: Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Innovation, Center for Sustainable Business Practices, the Global Business Center) that provide opportunity for collaboration.

Founded in 1845 and affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Wittenberg University is recognized as one of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges. Located in Springfield, Ohio, a community of nearly 60,000 residents, Wittenberg is one of only 286 Phi Beta Kappa institutions in the United States. With a stimulating academic environment that includes more than 100 majors, minors, and special programs, a strong tradition of excellence in engaged learning, service, pre-professional and interdisciplinary studies, and athletics, as well as a diversity of experiential learning opportunities, Wittenberg annually transforms the lives of its 1838 students.

Wright State University is one of 14 state universities in Ohio and serves approximately 14,000 students, offering more than 100 undergraduate and 80 Ph.D., graduate, and professional degrees. The campus is located in a beautiful 557-acre wooded setting. Wright State University ranks among top-funded research universities in Ohio, and the Raj Soin College of Business balances expectations across research, teaching, and service. New faculty members will find opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from many departments across the college and university. The support infrastructure for teaching in both traditional and online formats is also highly developed. The Raj Soin College of Business ( is one of eight colleges within the University. It is AACSB accredited and enrolls approximately 1,200 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students, offering a comprehensive business program to a diverse student body. The college has enjoyed quality rankings in a variety of its programs and has a strong record of impact for both students and the business community. The Department of Management and International Business offers majors in Human Resource Management, Management, and International Business, minors in Management and International Business, and a certificate in Human Resource Management. Requirements for tenure are clearly defined and reasonable. We seek highly motivated scholars who strive for excellence in all aspects of their professional work. The Greater Dayton region is a beautiful area with a low, very affordable cost-of-living. A full range of housing options—from urban to rural—is available within a 30-minute drive from campus. Dayton itself is characterized by numerous arts, sports and cultural opportunities (e.g.,; The region has a diverse culture and strong business community, rich in small and new enterprises. The area is also home to many large international and governmental organizations, especially in areas of defense, healthcare, science, and business services. Dayton is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and is the birthplace of many significant inventions and innovations. World-class primary and secondary education systems are found in family-friendly areas throughout the area. In addition, the cities of Columbus and Cincinnati, each with metropolitan areas of more than 2,000,000 people, are each only 70 miles (approximately one-hour travel) from our campus.
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